Mount Everest 1953 : the first ascent

Alfred Gregory lived in Blackpool for many years and always considered the pictures he took in the seaside holiday town during the ‘Swinging 60s’ as some of his best work.

His memorable images show carefree holiday makers who flocked to Blackpool for their summer holidays. They came from industrial towns throughout Britain and flocked to Central Beach and the sideshows of the Golden Mile and to experience the thrills of the rides at the renowned Pleasure Beach. The famous Tower rose above the holiday scenes and it was said  “You hadn’t been to Blackpool if you haven’t danced in the Tower’s famous ballroom”.

The pictures reflect the amazing 1960’s period; mini skirts were seen although girls couldn’t afford hairdryers and sat in the sun  to dry their hair. Young people felt free to kiss in public and it was elegant to smoke a cigarette with a long stemmed holder when out for a night at the local pub.

Blackpool was noted for ‘fresh air and fun’ – but others called it ‘sin by the sea’.

Alfred Gregory’s photographs reflect an innocence now passed and portray something of the joy of a simple seaside holiday.

He wrote “My 35 mm camera enabled me to isolate people and  to shoot very fast, capturing fleeting moments. By looking into their eyes I have tried to show something of what was in their hearts.”  

Everybody should go to Blackpool. If you haven’t seen Blackpool you haven’t lived!”

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