Mount Everest 1953 : the first ascent

As a professional photographer Alfred Gregory spent over 40 years travelling to remote corners of the earth in search of pictures, shooting cultures and lifestyles which no longer exist today. He never considered himself a specialist landscape photographer and felt the mountains were merely a backdrop to the lives of local people. He immersed himself into the way of life of each country as he wanted his pictures to portray the true culture of the people and how and where they lived their lives and  he wanted his images to reflect a fleeting moment never to be repeated.

During the 1950’s he climbed in European Alps, the Himalaya and the Andes of Peru and led several exploratory expeditions in remote country in the highest mountains of the earth.

His search for telling photographic images took him to South America, parts of Africa, most of Europe, the Yemen and much of Asia, including Afghanistan, Cambodia, India, Nepal, Tibet, Laos, Vietnam and Japan.

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